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Updated “about me”

I updated the “About Me/FAQ” tab at the top of the page. If you know of any other questions I should put in there, please let me know! 🙂

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Working on some new posts!

I’ll be working on some new posts during the next several weeks!

The topics will include:

  • Homeschooling
  • Working
  • Modesty
  • Anything else I can think of!

To receive updates when I post something new, click the “sign me up!” button on the upper-right-hand side of the home page. 🙂

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New Links


I added a bunch of new links to my sidebar. I hope the categories are helpful! I’ll be adding more as I have the time. (Which I won’t have much of for the next month or so.) Let me know of any links you think I should add. I’m picky, but always welcome suggestions. 🙂


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My aunt called at about 8:30 this evening, and said that Macie is HOME! She’s a little whiny and will probably have some pain for a couple weeks, but it’s nothing they can’t handle at home. Isn’t it amazing! God is so good!

They said to thank you all for your prayers. They definitely helped!

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My webpage

I did a bit of updating to my blog today, including adding a link (on the right) to my personal website. The site needs to have the links updated and such, but the text on it still applies. 🙂 It’s not exciting, but you can learn a little more about my family and I, see some pictures I’ve taken, and read a few of my trip journals from years gone by.

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Still alive!

Yes, I’m still alive! Just been too busy to think about what to post next. I’ll probably do another book review in a day or so! 🙂

Are there any really good books you’ve read and now recommend? I’m always on the lookout for another really good book! 🙂

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Random Update

Good evening, all.

It feels like winter is finally here. Unfortunately it hasn’t been cold enough to keep down the mountain cedar pollen, or kill the mold when it rains. So I’ve been sneezing and sniffling the last few weeks. Hopefully it is settling down into a colder, wetter pattern now, so we’ll get some much-needed rain on our grass.

Choir is going at full speed. We recovered from the holidays and began practices on January 9th! As always, it is a joy to participate!

My business is very slow right now, but I don’t mind that since I have plenty of other things going on to keep me busy. I really enjoy sewing when I have the time.

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